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2020 May 12, International Day of Nurse: Greeting message from ENM Bucharest 

On Tuesday, 12th May, we are celebrating the International Day of Nurse. The events of the last months have shown once more the irreplaceable role of nurse in the healthcare team. The heroes... read more

Videoclip contest 2020 ! create a short ENM experience report

1 - create a 1-minute-videoclip from your exchange in May 2019, October 2019 or March 2020
2 - upload the videoclip on youtube
3 - send the youtube link to inf
o(at)enm-network.com until 31th March 2020
4 - the ENM board will choose the best clip out of the most liked videos on the ENM facebook page
5 - prize: the reward will be handed over by your local ENM coordinator

Video 1: ENM experience Bern

Video 2: ENM experience Bern second edition

Video 3: ENM experience Horsens

Video 4: ENM experience Bucharest

Impressions of ENM experiences

Switzerland/Winterthur: videoclip by a student

Denmark/Silkeborg: experience report written by two students

Switzerland/Winterthur: pictures from a student

Switzerland/Winterthur: videoclip by a student

Switzerland/Winterthur: videoclip about ENM Module

Our Publications

2018: Situations and strategies for cultural learning in a short exchange programme

2002: Reflections across boundaries